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Faith, Fam, And Basketball Is My Life. No Excuses For For My Habits No Reasons For My Ways That's Just Me. I Don't Like Who I Am, So Im Working On The Fix. I Don't Need A Girl. Basketball Is Life. You Know My Name, Not My Story! Blessed BearDown NoCreepers! Faith, Hope, and Charity

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drawings by donchild


Kevin Durant — Oklahoma City Thunder


Nike KD 7 Lifestyle

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Ryan Leslie, dubai, mercedes sls amg

"There’s a storm inside of us,
I’ve heard many team guys speak of this.
A burning.
A river.
A drive.
An unrelenting desire to push your self harder and farther than anyone could think possible.
It pushes us into those cold dark corners,
Where the bad things live,
Where the bad things fight.
We wanted that fight at the highest volume.
A loud fight.
The loudest, coldest, darkest most unpleasant of the unpleasant fight"

- Marcus Luttrell (via blackbeard-actual)


Cudi addressing lupe on why he’s selling custom verses to fans for $500 each. I thought this was pretty funny.


Rappers and cereal


Oh look, it’s the gif that makes sound again. The mind is such an amazing thing.

I’m bad at not smiling. roguefoto